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Founded in 2015, Kala active is a premium clothing manufacturer based in Guangdong, China with roots entrenched in the equestrian, fitness and Maternity sectors.

Company Details

 Main Market
Development Team
    Export p.c
  Recycled GRS-certified        201-260 Annual       80% - 90% 

Kala Equestrian wear

With a focus on generating solutions, increasing comfort, and creating elegance both in and out of the saddle,we developed into a manufacturer that are working for many international brands of horse rider wear.

Kala Active wear

 With a wealth of manufacturing experience in the activeswear industry,  we keep creating and refining the world of gym and fitness.

Kala Maternity wear

With innovation, skilled craftsmanship and sustainability, maternity wear made by our skilled team brings cares and loves to moms from all over the world.

What sets us apart is our enthusiasm, creativity and flexibility, which has produced outstanding results time and time again.  In addition to this, we  ensure all the work is carried out responsibly, ethically, and sustainably. 

We hope that you enjoy the journey of working with us.

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